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AWP Panel "Centering the 'I' in Addiction: BIPOC Writers on Crafting Addiction Narratives. March 2021

Back when Adidas track suits were buttah, gold names sprawled across knuckles and La Di Da Di bumped from boomboxes across the boroughs, colorful lids and plastic vials laced cement squares like chalky hopscotch outlines. The crack epidemic changed family structures, the socio-political landscapes of impoverished black and brown communities and addiction criminalization across the country. Centering the “I” in Addiction: BIPOC Writers on Crafting Addiction Narratives is a panel discussion that centers the Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and People of Color addiction experience (not limited to the crack epidemic) through literary narratives. Here, BIPOC writers will discuss the impact addiction has had on their lives, the challenges inherent to writing about addiction, and the need for BIPOC addiction narratives in contemporary literary canon.

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